Business Pro Set – Any Wood Type, Business Card Holder, & 12″ x 12″ Signage

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Business Pro Set – Any Wood Type, Business Card Holder, & 12″ x 12″ Signage The Portfolio Itself: This beautiful wooden portfolio is composed of a medium weight reusable Walnut wood composite. The exterior has beautiful wood grain patterns that shine in the sunlight – This Walnut portfolio has exotic wood patterns, and beautiful clarity. Our portfolios are bound together using our dual piano hinge, partially manufactured in house. To top it off, the Portfolio is finished with a clear coat varnish for durability and longevity. The Final bounding of the portfolio is done with aluminum screw post, and we provide 10 archival sheet protectors with each portfolio *Please note customers can chose to substitute 10 sheet protectors for 24 pages of Heavy weight paper. CUSTOM ENGRAVING – This listing does include a custom engraving – please send engraving description and rendering files to infusedmotif [at] – If you decide you do not want an engraving you can substitute it for 5 extra sheet protectors something equal in price. The Wood and the Artwork: The wood we use comes from specialty wood locations we hold dear to our heart. They bring us awesome types of wood and they always have what we are looking for. It is important to note that each portfolio itself is unique and has its own character. It was once part of a tree and the lumber being produced often changes locations and tree harvesting is a world of its own. None the less, we chose the highest grade birch we can find and do our best to make the best product we can. As we are artist, each piece is considered artwork and a one off unique product. We can never guarantee that a portfolio looks exactly the same as our examples. We can only guarantee that we will produce a similar product, with similar design features.


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